Why support locally owned?

Article By LUMO – Blog – 18th August 2019

It seems such an old fashioned, colloquial concept, to support locally owned. But in context of the Outdoor Media sector in New Zealand, it should resonate. We Kiwi’s pride ourselves on our independence and resourcefulness. We are innovative and have an amazing capacity to think laterally, to problem solve and simply get on with it.

We are happy to embrace ideas from outside but we don’t sit back waiting to rely upon others. This sense of adventure and innovative thinking is important to our identity as New Zealanders and we should do all practicable to nurture this attitude.

The outdoor media sector in this country is dominated by corporates with excellent credentials but a focus on mainly overseas shareholder returns. Not necessarily a bad thing as we need international investment and our market offers attractive growth prospects for those owners.

However, I believe it is important to ensure agencies and advertisers keep these corporate behemoths honest and their supply options open by supporting locally owned media businesses that invest in local infrastructure, employ local talent, pay local rates, taxes and reinvest locally-made profits back into the local economy rather than exporting the profits back home overseas.

There is nothing more genuine than having business decisions made by local owners who understand what’s going on, the nuances and what is most appropriate in real time versus what is often unseen or overlooked by the big guys for New Zealand in boardrooms in Sydney, Melbourne or Paris. We are small on a global scale but we do punch well above our weight.

Duopolies are not good for anyone because over time they get complacent, consume creativity, stifle risk-takers and suffocate competition. So media agencies, creative agencies, marketers and advertisers, support local as much as you can.

Embrace the value that locally owned independent outdoor operators have to offer. Help them maintain and sustain competitive tension, help them pressure all operators to become better, more accountable & transparent and challenge them to always deliver honest value. The power to support locally-owned is ultimately in the hands of those who sign-off the outdoor advertising contracts.

Use your power wisely.

If you have a constructive comment or response to Phil’s view, feel free to email him at phil@lumodigital.nz