Exploring New Ways Of Thinking

LUMO is New Zealand’s only nationwide premium pure-play digital media network and is committed to establishing higher standards in innovation, accountability, transparency and digital creativity across the outdoor media sector.

Our single-minded purpose provides clarity underpinned by a passion to always strive to be better. We are independent, free to explore the world and seek out new ideas and technologies. We are positive disruptors, asking the questions, testing the boundaries with the single intent of helping advertisers access the many untapped advantages of digital outdoor advertising.

Our Leading Technology

Screen display quality has to be the best, which is why we chose to partner with US-based Daktronics, the most advanced LED manufacturer in the world. We supplemented our premium screens with unique tech solutions that provide real-time audience accountability, campaign display transparency, WiFi engagement opportunities and easy dynamic content solutions.

Words are often limited so we created this interactive tour of our technology.

Our Locations

Outdoor media is fundamentally a real estate play.

As a start-up with a clean slate and no baggage, we set a ‘best in class’ selection criteria then carefully sought only the most prime inner-city properties across New Zealand’s five largest cities for the development of our premium large format digital screen network. Our full national network was completed in less than 33 months.

Our Insights

Helping to inform and inspire agencies, marketers and advertisers is critical if we are to realise the expanding creative opportunities DOOH has to offer. We can offer the ability for brands to move hearts and change minds in the out-of-home space by showing them how easy, affordable and effective dynamic content solutions can be created and implemented. Let us prove it.