LUMO Sets The Standard For Transparency

Article By LUMO – Media Release – 9th June 2019

Today, LUMO’s partnership with Seedooh delivers a New Zealand first in out-of-home reporting. Under the partnership, Seedooh’s reporting and verification platform will be integrated into LUMO’s digital system to create an independent campaign delivery reporting function, that works seamlessly within the end-to-end campaign delivery processes.

It will allow advertisers to access near real-time proof of their digital OOH campaign delivery and receive rich data to help evaluate campaign performance across LUMO’s digital media network.

Phil Clemas, LUMO co-founder and CEO said that verified and independent reporting data had become a critical component of the future for confidence in the OOH industry. “We recognise that media flexibility and dynamic content will increase display-time complexity and the need for us to provide confidence that we are delivering what we have sold, regardless of location, time, audience or dynamic trigger for a specific message or campaign. Seedooh will connect, verify and automate our display reporting on all our campaigns, so we can firstly confirm what occurred and then work more closely with our customers on achieving better, more effective campaigns. This we expect will become the new benchmark in advertiser expectation of display accountability.”

Seedooh has aligned with PwC to bring third-party verification of Out-of-Home data in its platform to create clear, validated and standardised reporting for advertisers, media agencies and out-of-home media owners. Launched in July 2017, the Seedooh platform provides near real-time delivery data for out-of-home campaigns in both digital and traditional formats and has been adopted at scale in Australia..

“We believe that the data driven future of Out-of-Home advertising will be reliant on connected data, globally accepted standards of data assurance, and the ability to integrate multiple systems on both the buy and sell side, within an increasingly complex supply chain. This view is more commonly held in Australia these days, with other progressive markets beginning to adapt – and it’s great to see LUMO leading the charge in New Zealand.”

Tom Richter, Seedooh CEO

LUMO will now be supplying a verified Campaign Display Report via the Seedooh Platform within 24 hours of the conclusion of every campaign booked by its clients. For more information, contact your LUMO representative.

Contact Phil Clemas on 021 997976 or for more information