A Rose Amongst The Thorns

Article By LUMO – Media Release – 9th May 2017

LUMO Digital Outdoor, the smart billboard operator and new comer to the Outdoor Media sector, is pleased to announce an addition to its team. Stacey Gattsche, formerly Account Director at APN Outdoor, has joined Phil Clemas, Kent Harrison and Jamie Snow as LUMO’s Media Sales Director, initially working part-time as she balances young family responsibilities with her professional aspirations.

“I learnt a lot during my eleven years at APNO and grew not only as a professional media sales executive but also as a person. I got married, started a family and developed lifelong friendships with many I’ve worked with and for during my time there” comments Gattsche. “But now feels the right time to close that chapter and start afresh using my skills, knowledge and relationships in a role with an exciting new venture like LUMO”.

LUMO launched its first digital billboard in Auckland last December, quickly followed by Hamilton in February. Several more will be built over the coming 18 months including six in Auckland and one in Christchurch later this year.

“We are poised to rapidly expand our digital billboard network and we need help to manage the interest and demand from an inquisitive market” claims Phil Clemas, CEO of LUMO. “The combination of quality LED technology, premium inner-city locations and LUMO’s unique Smart Technology, is quickly grabbing the attention of advertisers and agencies. Stacey’s experience, reputation and credibility will help us optimise the opportunities our expansion will attract”.

The next priority for LUMO is the preparation for the launch of their next tandem set of screens, ANZAC and BEACH, anticipated for June, weather permitting.

Also watch out for LUMO’s first release of its Real-Time Traffic Analytics report in June, a first of its kind, which will confirm traffic volumes, patterns and trends for its first two smart billboards.

LUMO Digital Outdoor is a boutique specialist digital outdoor media business established to disrupt the existing model and help inspire greater creativity in the digital outdoor space. We’re driven to make it easy for advertisers to access the untapped benefits of digital outdoor advertising collaboratively and with the best technology in New Zealand.

For more information, go to lumodigital.nz or contact phil@lumodigital.nz or kent@lumodigital.nz