Understanding Your Share Of Voice

Article By LUMO – Blog – 9th July 2019

Over the last five years in New Zealand, agencies and advertisers have really fallen in love with digital outdoor. Advertising revenue has shifted from linear TV, print and more recently classic OOH into the digital OOH channel resulting in faster growth than any other media channel, maybe with the exception of Online.

According to the Outdoor Media Association of NZ, digital OOH revenue in 2018 exceeded 53% of all Out-of-Home spend and almost reached 60% in the first quarter of 2019.

But as this rapid transition continues, have agencies and advertisers come to grips with the differences between Loop Lengths (the number of Advertising Slots per Loop) of different outdoor operators? Anecdotal evidence suggests that this variable has not been included in the evaluation of most outdoor media proposals. The number of brands in a Digital Loop can have a dramatic effect on the effectiveness and overall value of a DOOH campaign.

LUMO advertising loops are guaranteed at a maximum of 1 in 6 and we have introduced live-streaming webcams and independently verified display reports for clients to access that offer full transparency to this Loop protocol. But some in the market already offer 1 in 8 and many Australian counterparts already offer 1 in 10. I believe that advertisers deserve to understand the significant difference in the value proposition when there exists Loop Length differences.

SOV difference

Here is an example of the difference between LUMO’s 1 in 6 and a NZ competitor with 1 in 8.

LUMO gives the advertiser

This is 7 hours more display time per week which equals 33% more display time.

I believe it is incumbent upon those who have responsibility for client media budgets to understand the impact SOV has on the value proposition and to take account of the significant display time variance in their overall evaluation of each media proposal. In other words, make sure you compare apples with apples.

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