Our Leading Technology

LUMO was created to help make a difference in the digital outdoor media sector. To inspire digital creativity, test new technologies, push the boundaries and dare to challenge the status quo. 

Words are often limited so we created this interactive tour of our technology.

A Tech Snapshot

It’s easy to claim we’re the best. So we think it’s important to be able to back it up with some hard facts. Take a tour of the city to compare the prime locations and premium visual display quality of LUMO screens against the others. You’ll quickly see the difference and how LUMO is leading the way in terms of location and tech quality.

Daktronics are world’s best

Choosing the right LED technology is all important if you want your advertising to look sharp and content on-brand with true-to-life colour calibration, deep contrast, smooth luminance display quality and the avoidance of sunlight reflection (giving you that grey washout effect) associated with poorer quality LED.

LUMO’s Screen partner Daktronics has developed a patented LED Module design incorporating special polymers, tints and a unique ‘louvre’ design which acts as a canopy over each individual pixel capsule so our billboards maintain optimal contrast without compromising resolution.

NZ’s climate is brutal so the testing regime at the Daktronics factory is critical to ensuring reliability no matter the environmental condition. Wind, rain, salt, sun, humidity, vibrations and huge variations in temperature have all been thrown at our screens and they’ve passed with flying, rich vibrant colours.

Our screens are warranted to perform optimally for 100,000 hours – that’s over 11 years. They’re furnished with advanced electronic componentry, making them very energy efficient while ensuring lifetime luminance quality and colour consistency. 50 years of manufacturing knowledge and experience gives us reliable high performance and incomparable quality. Simply brilliant!

Real-Time Traffic Insights

LUMO’s exclusive partnership with LENS offers a smart technology solution that captures vehicular speeds and volumes for each site in real-time. Duel cameras face incoming and outgoing traffic and ensures that only those that see the screens are counted. This factual tech-based measure significantly raises the standard in audience accountability and supplements our Campaign Display Reports.

LUMO Livestreaming

LUMO’s unique livestreaming HD camera technology offers real-time viewing of each full screen. Clients with log-in access will see their advertising playing along with others in the same Loop from the comfort of their offices. Clients will be able to take their own time-stamped PoP screen shots and also see the actual number of Ad Slots playing to confirm their Share of Voice. This is an unprecedented level of transparency. Talk to your LUMO rep for access.

Campaign Display Reports by Seedooh

The flexibility and immediacy of Digital OOH means media planning and buying is becoming more intricate and complex. Therefore, the ability to accurately report what content plays where and when in near real-time is of paramount importance to advertisers. LUMO’s partnership with Seedooh is a step change in the way in which we report and validate actual display outcomes via very smart technology.