RNZ Campaign

Article By LUMO – Case Study – 9th July 2019

This is what happens when a radio network uses the dynamic capabilities of LUMO’s digital media to lift their brand awareness and showcase their journalistic credentials. LUMO gave RNZ journalists access to their Ad Slot to write in and upload their own headlines in real-time. These headlines coincided with the Talk Show host’s topics and general trending articles on the company’s website.


To get the commuting audience to switch their radios to Radio NZ National by using dynamic digital innovation.


Allow journalists to write their own punchy headlines in a private web platform to directly update their booked digital billboard creative.  Showcase the immediacy and relevance of radio news journalism and help persuade listeners to switch.


Writers entered manual headlines that autofilled allocated fields of the screen within 60 seconds. They could then see all the artwork in-situ through their private webpage as well as LUMO livestream (HD Camera Network).


GfK’s first non-commercial radio survey of 2019 is out, showing Radio New Zealand’s audience up 60,000 year-on-year to reach 696,600 New Zealanders each week, while RNZ National’s 616,200 listeners makes it the biggest station in the country.

RNZ National’s cumulative weekly audience (10+) is up 46,800 listeners. More than 817,000 users now access the RNZ website during a typical week, an increase of 32 percent year-on-year, and there were on average over 1,581,000 monthly audio downloads from rnz.co.nz – up 26 percent over the equivalent period in 2018.