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Helping to inform and inspire agencies, marketers and advertisers is critical if we are to realise the expanding creative opportunities DOOH has to offer. We can offer the ability for brands to move hearts and change minds in the out-of-home space by showing them how easy, affordable and effective dynamic content solutions can be created and implemented. Let us prove it.

Pitchblack Partners Take Out Pixel Awards

Media Release | 10/08/20
Pitchblack Partners has taken out the latest round of the LUMO Pixel Awards, a quarterly competition designed to inspire and celebrate dynamic and interactive creativity for the digital out-of-home sector. ... See more

DOOH Audience Metrics – Why Real-Time Data Is Critical

Blog | 14/04/20
During the lockdown period, Lumo has been in the fortunate position of being able to leverage that traffic data to update agencies and advertisers on the changes in its vehicular-based audience volumes and travel patterns by day. ... See more

LUMO Enters New Partnerships

Media Release | 03/03/20
New Zealand’s LUMO Digital Outdoor have announced a multi Supply Side Platform (SSP) partnership with global Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) tech players Vistar Media, Broadsign and Hivestack. ... See more

Pixel Award Winner Announced

Media Release | 13/11/19
LUMO Digital Outdoor have announced the winners of their latest initiative - the Pixel Awards; a quarterly competition designed to inspire and celebrate dynamic & interactive creativity for the digital out-of-home sector. ... See more

Pixel Awards - Meet The Judges

Media Release | 15/10/19
The country’s creatives, agencies and clients are set to benefit with the announcement of The Pixels, an initiative from Lumo to inspire digital out-of-home creativity. The inaugural winner of the awards will receive an all-expenses-paid trip for two to SXSW in March 2020, valued at over $15,000 as well as free media placement for the winning work. ... See more

Out-of-Home Truth Metrics

Blog | 03/10/19
Recently, LUMO produced its first Real-Time Traffic Insights report which uses HD cameras connected to smart software licensed by AdMobilize to collect data by location, in real-time that produces the most accurate, current and transparent truth metrics for each of our digital screens. ... See more

LUMO Release Real-Time Traffic Report

Media Release | 01/10/19
LUMO’s partnership with USA-based AdMobilize offers a smart technology solution capturing vehicular speeds and volumes for each site in real-time. The data reveals volume, trends, patterns, average speeds and dwell time for insights like no other media operator. ... See more

LUMO Gets Creative

Media Release | 11/09/19
LUMO Digital Outdoor is excited to launch The Pixel Awards, designed to inspire and celebrate dynamic & interactive creativity for the digital out-of-home sector. It will help demonstrate the recent and rapid evolution of the outdoor advertising medium, driven primarily by significant investment in digital screen infrastructure and related technologies. ... See more

Why Support Locally Owned?

Blog | 18/08/19
We Kiwi’s pride ourselves on our independence and resourcefulness. We are resourceful and have an amazing capacity to think laterally, to problem solve and simply get on with it. We are happy to embrace ideas from outside but we don’t sit back waiting to rely upon others. ... See more

LUMO Launch Livestreaming

Media Release | 12/08/19
World-leading digital billboard company LUMO Digital Outdoor is today launching its enhanced website at www.lumodigital.nz, featuring an industry-first client platform. The new website allows clients to log in to a portal and view LUMO’s digital billboards throughout New Zealand in real-time through their high-definition cameras. ... See more

RNZ Campaign

Case Study | 24/07/19
This is what happens when a radio network uses the dynamic capabilities of LUMO’s digital media to lift their brand awareness and showcase their journalistic credentials. LUMO gave RNZ journalists access to their Ad Slot to write in and upload their own headlines in real-time. These headlines coincided with the Talk Show host’s topics and general trending articles on the company’s website. ... See more

NZ Breakers Campaign

Case Study | 24/07/19
What does LeBron James, SkyCity Breakers, ESPN’s The Jump and LUMO have in common? Although not a dynamic campaign, we used the immediacy of digital OOH to provoke a response to LeBron James becoming a restricted free agent in the NBA. We pitched the idea to the Skycity Breakers, the NZ Basketball team, who used the players’ social accounts to spread the photo of the screen. ... See more

LUMO Signing With Seedooh

Media Release | 11/07/19
LUMO Digital Outdoor, New Zealand’s most premium digital out-of-home advertising company, will be introducing world-first standards in out-of-home reporting data to the NZ market through a new contract with Australian-based reporting platform Seedooh. ... See more

Understanding Your Share Of Voice

Blog | 09/07/19
Over the last five years in New Zealand, agencies and advertisers have really fallen in love with digital outdoor. Advertising revenue has shifted from linear TV, print and more recently classic OOH into the digital OOH channel resulting in faster growth than any other media channel, maybe with the exception of Online. ... See more

LUMO Is Going Green

Media Release | 27/06/19
Not in the political sense, more in the high-tech hydroponic garden wall sense. LUMO Digital Outdoor recently launched the country’s first hybrid LED Screen development which included a $50,000 wall of living foliage. The garden wall covers an area of 33 square metres and contains over 1800 plants ... See more

A New Standard Of Transparency

Media Release | 09/06/19
Today, LUMO’s partnership with Seedooh delivers a New Zealand first in out-of-home reporting. Under the partnership, Seedooh’s reporting and verification platform will be integrated into LUMO's digital system to create an independent campaign delivery reporting function, that works seamlessly within the end-to-end campaign delivery processes. ... See more

LUMO Team Continues To Grow

Media Release | 24/10/18
In the few months since LUMO launched its flagship ‘ANZAC’ Screen in downtown Auckland, the LUMO team has remained focused on building its premium digital billboard portfolio. “Preparation is the key to ensuring a manageable rate of growth in digital assets”, claims CEO Phil Clemas. ... See more

LUMO Call In The Reinforcements

Media Release | 16/10/18
LUMO is growing rapidly and has recruited new specialists to help support the agency sales team and its technology-based ambitions. “It was always expected that as we grew, we would need to bring in reinforcements and specialist skillsets to help us push the boundaries in the Digital Out-of-Home sector” states Kent Harrison, head of Human Resources at LUMO. ... See more

LUMO Website Revamp Goes Aerial

Media Release | 21/09/18
As LUMO rapidly builds its digital asset base, it was becoming apparent that the business needed to revamp its website to allow clients greater visibility to the new sites and some inspiration as to the actual creative opportunities digital out-of-home has to offer. ... See more

LUMO Digital Outdoor Chooses Ayuda

Media Release | 29/08/18
LUMO is not quite two years old but is already forging a reputation as an innovative market leader that invests in prime CBD sites, premium LED technology and smart software that can count traffic volume in real-time, provide Free Branded WiFi and deliver clever dynamic ad content solutions that can enhance engagement, maximise recall and lift the value proposition. ... See more

LUMO Beefs Up Resources

Media Release | 03/05/18
The partnership between Lumo and Ports of Auckland crossed a special threshold last month when Lumo launched its ninth premium Smart Billboard on Ports land in Quay St, Auckland. Sitting proud alongside this busy east-bound arterial roadway, the new curved 12m x 3m Ports screen is certainly attracting attention. ... See more

LUMO’s Momentum Accelerates

Media Release | 14/03/18
LUMO Digital Outdoor finished 2017 on a high with the launch of its sixth premium LED billboard in Auckland’s Khyber Pass Rd, right on its first birthday. “Last year was a whirlwind but we were very pleased with the progress made in our maiden year and are now focused on year two which will be all about building more Screens and scaling up our media inventory to become more competitive and influential” ... See more

Billboard Corner Turns Digital

Media Release | 11/07/17
Anzac Avenue in downtown Auckland was developed in 1918 and within just five years, the corner of Anzac Ave and Beach Road became an early beacon of billboard advertising. Throughout its history, the corner site has remained either vacant or used for car parking, surrounded for most of its life with static signage. ... See more

A Rose Amongst The Thorns

Media Release | 09/05/17
LUMO Digital Outdoor, the smart billboard operator and new comer to the Outdoor Media sector, is pleased to announce an addition to its team. Stacey Gattsche, formerly Account Director at APN Outdoor, has joined Phil Clemas, Kent Harrison and Jamie Snow as LUMO’s Media Sales Director, initially working part-time as she balances young family responsibilities with her professional aspirations. ... See more

Origins of Anzac Ave & Beach Road

Media Release | 20/04/17
History does have a peculiar way of repeating itself so with LUMO just weeks away from launching its latest in a series of new Smart Billboards, we have taken the opportunity to look back on the background to this site. ... See more

LUMO Provides Free Fibre WiFi

Media Release | 27/03/17
LUMO, New Zealand’s newest and most technologically advanced digital outdoor media company is giving something back to locals and pedestrians who come in close proximity to their digital billboards; free WiFi. ... See more

New Kid On The Block

Media Release | 06/12/16
The LUMO has landed. New Zealand’s newest and most technologically advanced digital outdoor media company has launched its first smart billboard and returned two stalwarts of the industry, Phil Clemas and Kent Harrison. ... See more