LUMO Website Revamp Goes Aerial

Article By LUMO – Media Release – 21st September 2018

As LUMO rapidly builds its digital asset base, it was becoming apparent that the business needed to revamp its website to allow clients greater visibility to the new sites and some inspiration as to the actual creative opportunities digital out-of-home has to offer.

“Digital Out-of-Home is all about visual impact and contextual relevance, yet to date, nobody in the sector has gone to the trouble of producing aerial video footage of their advertising portfolio and prove their credentials. That is until today” claims Phil Clemas, CEO of LUMO. “Showing our Screens in all their glory is as much about marketing their prominence and locations as it is about offering full transparency. No more hiding behind the most optimal photo angle or using those taken several years in the past. LUMO has literally dropped its robes and will be judged accordingly”.

The website revamp project has adopted a client-oriented view with new features to make it easier to search for sites, view those selected on a map, learn about some of the easier dynamic content solutions available and get a better understanding of what separates premium digital outdoor from the rest. You will also get a chance to e-meet the fast-growing LUMO team and get to see where many of their confirmed future builds will be located.

“We are really pleased with where LUMO has got to in such a short time and how some clients are now adopting some of the dynamic content tools available” comments Kent Harrison, co-Founder and EVP. “We now think of ourselves as being in the adolescent stage of development – growing up but remaining a little disruptive and at times irreverent. However, one thing that remains our resolve and that is becoming leaders in digital OOH creativity”.

Clients will be able to view site-cards on the website with links to aerial footage, making it easier to appreciate the environment in which each smart billboard is located and its level of quality. Footage of all new screens will be uploaded periodically soon after they launch.

New services including online Proof of Postings, access to LUMO’s real-time audience metrics and an in-house dynamic content lab are currently under development and will be launched in 2019.

LUMO Digital Outdoor is a boutique specialist digital outdoor media business established to disrupt the existing model and help inspire greater creativity in the digital outdoor space. We’re driven to make it easy for advertisers to access the untapped benefits of digital outdoor advertising collaboratively and with the best technology in New Zealand.

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