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Sales: Kent Harrison
+64 21 536 871
Ask Kent what his favourite colour is…
Sales: Stacey Gattsche
+64 21 831 182
Ask Stacey if it’s true what they say about Shore girls...
Sales: Jack Plowright
+64 27 323 2364
Ask Jack how to get drunk on Heineken Lite…
Sales: Zac Columbus
+64 27 583 8778
Ask Zac how to do a perfect pin roll…
Sales Support: Sarah Sutcliffe
+64 21 297 1724
Ask Sarah for her lemon slice recipe…
Sales (for Aussie-based agencies & advertisers): Ben Cook
+61 401 279 696
Ask Ben why the All Blacks are the best rugby team in the world…
Landowners: Phil Clemas
+64 21 997 976
Ask Phil why he is too scared to push the ‘Sports-Plus’ button in his car…
Technology: Robin Arnold
Ask Robin which football team he follows…
Design & technical support: Jamie Snow
+64 21 067 4325
Ask Jamie what his spirit animal is…

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